Review: The Feddens – ‘Smoke Signals’ EP.

‘I’m not lost, I’m just reading the map wrong’, a snippet of quirkiness from The Feddens’ in their track ‘Maps.’ Though, they don’t sound lost. Lost only in the dense, isolated territory of Forest of Dean maybe, hungry for the bright lights of the city.

This five-piece may be young, but everyone has to hold their grip on the starting blocks and these three tracks focus in on their enormous potential. ‘Smoke Signals’ pairs the dark demeanour of The Horrors with the sparky disco guitar of Two Door Cinema Club. Opening with a primitive riff, ‘Lighten Up’ sounds reminiscent of The Cure and its twang-like vocal tone is similar to Ant West (Futures/Tonight Is Goodbye.) ‘There’s a hot air balloon outside, waiting to take us on an adventure’, a line that adds an aspect of fantasy to this unexplained smoke.

There’s no doubt about it that The Feddens have a flair for this music thing. Gaining more experience through both live shows and recording is their next hurdle and if they can jump that, these boys could be on to a winner.


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