Feature: Wachichoo Interview

Native inspired, ‘Wachichoo’ play NYC’s Alternrock Festival this month. The Brooklyn five piece released their third EP last year featuring single, ‘Product.’ They’ve got a busy year ahead of them, where they hope to release more material and get a couple of extra limos. I asked them a few questions about the rise of their band name, future plans and what’s on their playlist at the moment.

How did your brilliantly snappy name come about?

One of the first songs we wrote together reminded us of a galloping buffalo. The name of that song became “Tatanka”; and we thought of the idea of combining Native symbolism with this galloping funk sound we were making. The “Wachichoo” name came from the word given to settlers at the name, literally it meant “Man With Upside Down Face”.

We latched on to that, and it’s just stuck. Plus, it’s a really fun, musical name to say & we dominate Google!

Where did the idea for your Red Indian themed visuals from?

Our good buddy on the west coast Lucas (https://www.facebook.com/musicformusiclovers) is a mad scientist designer who took our music and used his extra-sensory design skills to translate that sound onto canvas.

You obviously draw your influences from far and wide to develop your unique blend of genres. What artists made you want to be part of a band?

Growing up , it was always about boom-box taping RUN-DMC off of a thing called “Music Television”. I sooo wanted to be those guys & me & my brother would put on little shows in the living room for my parents performing “It’s Tricky” and “You Be Illin’”. A bunch of us have always gone to rock shows too, and we wanted to capture the energy of raw live performance from seeing bands like Foo Fighters, Jane’s Addiction and Helmet.

‘Product’, Wachichoo’s third EP was released almost a year ago. Have you got any plans in place for your next EP?

This is the winter of our best record yet. We’re demoing songs for our next EP now, and are doing bits of jamming to bring all our little ideas to life in the studio.

You’re playing as part of NYC’s Alternarock Festival, are you looking forward to it?

YES! It’s going to be a super duper lineup, and we always love hanging out in the e.vil.

What are you currently listening to at the moment?

Right now, this great album by Fela Kuti – “Music is the Weapon of the Future”

How is 2012 shaping up for you?

EXCITEMENT is the word for Wachichoo – new recording, bigger shows, more limos and a bigger entourage!!

Come check us out live! You won’t likely see anything like this band anywhere else!
Nov 16 – Local 269, 8pm
Dec 9th – Fundraiser at Bardot Heights
Dec 13th – Bowery Electric, 11pm


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