Feature: Twenty30 Interview

Philidelphia rockers, Twenty30 have recently released their self-titled EP as a free download. They fuse punk and rock together for an energetic buzz, drawring comparisions to the likes of Deftones and Queens Of The Stone Age. I found about the foundations of their passion for music, future goals and what really goes on at their gigs.

So, you guys aren’t the first rock band to emerge from Philly, (Free Energy, Valencia and The Wonder Years all hail from there) what do you have to offer that these local bands and other rock bands have to offer?

All these bands have a real love for making music, and we’re no stranger to that. We, just like the others, believe in working hard for our music and making a product we are really passionate about. As time goes on we always have trouble making setlists because we really do enjoy playing everything from when we began. Each of these bands also sees a constant desire to continually improve and write something that people can relate to, we are always trying to connect, make new friends and bring a positive message in which people can be a part of.

The self-titled Ep has been released for free download, how did the EP come together?

We really just wanted to bring to light the true raw sound of the band and have a comfort level unlike anything we had previously experienced. With these goals in mind, and a regular practice space already in his basement, Lyle, our singer/rhythm guitar player, set out to combine our live sound with the studio environment and produce the most true to form E.P. possible. Studying other engineers and friends and with plenty of feedback from those closest to us, he put himself to the test to truly capture everyone’s sound with no click tracks and a base rhythm set completely by himself and drummer Vinny Feliciano.

Your sound is a fusion of rock and punk with tremendous energy. What artist inspired you to pick up that instrument or sing for the first time?

This is a different answer for each of us however we all seem to have a lot of old classic and indie rock in the roots of what we are doing. Some bands that we all seem to take influence from and cross all our radars are Deftones, Superchunk, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Black Sabbath

Who would be your dream band to tour with?

Superchunk, Deftones, so many amazing bands to name.

Twenty30’s sound can be quite heavy. Am I right in thinking that there is a great deal movement within the crowd at your shows, you know moshing and the like?

More then moshing we get a lot of skanking, dancing and just focused attention. It really is different everywhere we go, but our friends and fans are a lot of fun no matter what!

Your band name is just numbers! Is there any significance behind it?

We fought over this for weeks on end all the way until we actually recorded our first E.P. We finally agreed on a joke name of our ages, it was the ONLY consensus we got and thus we chose to settle the peace. 🙂

Finally, what is your ultimate goal as a band?
Ultimate goal as a band is to continually have fun with what we are doing and never limiting ourselves with writing music we are passionate about. We continually wish to make lasting friendships and hope we can continue to play for our friends and family. Thank you for your time!

You can listen to their EP on: http://www.twentythirtyrock.com/fr_home.cfm.


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