DIY: Record Store Day Shopping Guide

A few words on Disclosure’s Record Store Day release ‘Apollo’.

Album Review: Asgeir – ‘In The Silence’

Here’s what I made of Icelandic artist Asgeir’s debut album ‘In The Silence’.

New Video: Ravens – ‘Brothers’

Following the release of their ‘Sound of Ravens’ EP back in the Summer, Leeds outfit Ravens return with psychedelic, yet contemporary visual for ‘Brothers’. Directed by Howard Ashley Storey and producer Lee Isserow, the video takes on a retro theme within a deserted fantasy town manipulated by unusual colours and ideas.

Ending with a Beatles inspired kaleidoscope of the familiar buildings and the band members’ faces lit under a swirling facade of projected colour, it lodges the track’s nostalgic olde worlde personality ushered along by the modern presence carved out along the way. A particular highlight is the seemingly unwelcome raven quietly sloping around the streets, adding an additional element of darkness. A perfect use of their namesake.

Album Review: Cymbals – ‘The Age of Fracture’

Review of Cymbals’ second album ‘The Age of Fracture’ over on Planet Notion.

Top 10 Albums of 2013

My top 10 albums of 2013, starting with no. 10 at the top of the page…

DIY: December 2013 / January 2014 – Lizzo Interview

Read my interview with Lizzo in the latest edition of DIY Magazine.

DIY Weekly: Lizzo Interview


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